A Message from the President

Fujiya Milk Product Co., Ltd. has helped to make people’s life healthy through "Safe and Secure Dairy products" since 1962.

In particular, with the growing interest in food safety, security and health in recent years, we have been striving for for thorough quality control from the customer's point of view so that we can provide even greater satisfaction.

In addition, we obtained FSSC22000 certification on July 9, 2021. We have been able to provide "food safety and security", and each of our products has been trusted even more.

Each and every one of our employees will continue to make efforts to contribute to our customers' smiles and healthy eating habits, and we would like to ask for your continued support.

Naoki Kobayashi


Company profile

Company name Fujiya milk product co., Ltd
Business Manufacturing and selling of milk and dairy products
Established August 10,1962
Address 27 Numata Surisawa Daito-cho Ichinoseki-shi Iwate 029-0523, Japan
Web site https://www.fujiya-m.jp/
Capital 64.3 million yen
Major shareholder Fujiya co., Ltd. (83. 3%)
Fiscal year January 1 to December 31
Number of Employees 51



1962 Fuji Nousan Kougyou Co.,Ltd. established as a joint venture corporation of Fujiya co., Ltd. and Daito-Cho.
1964 The 1st phase of construction of the one-storied reinforced concrete cooler station(120㎡) completed.
1967 We, approved as a milk processing facilitiy, started to provide elementary and junior high schools in some ereas of Senmaya-Cho and Daito-Cho with milk for school lunch.
The 2nd phase of construction of the one-storied steel -frame factory, a boiler room and warehouse,( total 1000㎡) completed.
We started a full-scale operation of dairy products.
1977 A Management Building ( 200㎡ ) completed.
1989 Fuji Nousan Kougyou Co.,Ltd. changed its name to Fujiya Milk Product Co., Ltd.
The 3rd phase of construction of the second plant ,including a factory, a warehouse, a freezer unit and a blower room (total1600㎡) completed.
2001 Capital increased to 64.3 million yen.
2002 We acquired the HACCP approval for milk from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Renovation of the first plant was completed. We attracted the Iwai cold center.
2005 A sewage treatment facility built. The cream line equipped in the first plant.
2012 A ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the foundation celebrated.
2016 Renewal of boiler facilities.
2017 Renewal of milk filling machine (CSM-1M).
2021 Obtained FSSC22000 certification.

About our milk and dairy products

Our company in Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate pref. is located in the south of the Kitakami Highlands in the north to south on the east side of the Tohoku region in Japan. The Kitakami Highlands are rich in nature and have a cool climate. That is good for the dairy industry

Processing high quality raw milk from healthy cows nurtured in the rich pasture, we will bring tasty milk and dairy products for our customer.

The main flow of products